Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slim and Sassy Soft Gels

I'm overweight and have been most of my life. I was just recently given the opportunity to try slim and sassy soft gels. I had them in my order for this upcoming order, but a friend gave me a bottle. She didn't like the way it made her stomach feel. Boy do I know what she means...

The bottle says to take 3-5 as needed throughout the day. I took 2 just before I made some oatmeal (blueberry package of Quaker). I went back to my desk and began my daily routine of emailing, listening to voicemails, and eating breakfast. I was listening to a rather lengthy voicemail and tossed my bowl away. It had about half of my oatmeal left. I normally eat it all. I wasn't hungry anymore.

About 10 minutes later I started getting this warming sensation in my stomach and in my throat. It wasn't unpleasant, it was just weird. These made me so gassy and I burped lemon and grapefruit for hours. I happen to like those flavors and it's better than the nasty taste you have sometimes when you burp. However, If you don't like the taste of citrus, I don't suggest ingesting the softgels. You might want to just apply the Slim and Sassy oil topically.

Overall thoughts: To me this has helped my appetite. I'm only on day 2 of using it. We will see how it goes. I do believe I am going to only take 1 with each meal instead of 2 just because they seem to make me gassy. I have discovered that if you drink at least a full glass of water the warming sensation isn't as predominate.


I have no idea what my deal was the other day. My husband and I were home just enjoying a lazy day. I went to the restroom and the toilet decided to over flow. I was upstairs and didn't have a plunger. I had to run downstairs to get it. I knew the bathroom would be flooded by the time I got back and it was. I had a complete emotional breakdown. I just sat on the edge of the tub and cried while the toilet kept overflowing. It finally stopped, then I was pissed and cried some more. My husband comes upstairs to see what was wrong. I didn't know and I know I shouldn't be crying over something so stupid. His exact words were: I think you need some Citrus Bliss. He went and got it for me and I applied it to my wrists and just behind my ears.

Within a matter of minutes, I was back to normal and my spirits were lifted. I now use this at work when I'm feeling overwhelmed. It is truly blissful!

I will keep this on hand for sure. I'm excited to get my new order and try some new oils!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bug Bite

I have never in my life woke up and instantly went into panic... Until Monday, August 18th.

When I woke up on Monday morning, I yawned like normal and immediately freaked out. My lip was extremely swollen and hurting like crazy. I'm not sure what bit me in the middle of the night, but something sure did.

In the photo below, both photos on the left were taken the day of the bug bite. 

The moment I looked at myself in the mirror and my lip looked like a collagen injection gone wrong, I grabbed my "Modern Essentials" book and started searching. I started with Lavender for the burning and pain. Then I applied Melaleuca and Purify right before going to work. I took the oils to work with me and reapplied every couple of hours.

Today when I woke up, I had a text message from a friend that said grapefruit will reduce swelling. I tried it and with the combination of everything so far it seems to have helped. It is still slightly swollen today and a little sore, but nothing compared to yesterday. It should be completely gone in a day or two. 

I never would have guessed that essential oils could do this. Before the oils, I would have gone to the doctor because of the pain and swelling. Now I try the oils first! 

Thanks to doTERRA for the awesome product!

Not So Pleasant

As I have stated before, I'm brutally honest. If you don't like reading about female issues.... Read NO FURTHER! :)

I have been diagnosed with PCOS for several years now. I know there are millions of women around the world that suffer from it as well. The severity is different for everyone. My doctor explained that during menstruation the pain I experience is labor like. If this is true, then I will be a pro when the good Lord blesses me with a child.

Today, while at work, it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. I was doubled over in pain and it was making me nauseated. This isn't new, but this is the first time it hit while at work.

This is the part you might not want to read, I'm warning you now... I'm being serious....

I don't know if you have ever had a clot the size of a softball moving through your system or not. Let me be first to tell you, you feel it's every move. You know exactly where it's at within your female organs. This isn't new for me either. When I feel it moving, I've got to bolt for the bathroom. For obvious reasons I'd rather not just be sitting at my desk when I give birth to this thing.

Today was horrible because I had so many. On top of that the ovarian cysts were popping as well. The pain is excruciating. I had to leave work early. My husband wanted to take me to the hospital. He said I looked like death. I've just never had everything happen all at once like this before. I was pale white and hemorrhaging. Honestly, if it lasted much longer I would have gone to the hospital. Instead I just went home to lay down.

Once I got home I put basil and clary sage on my lower abdominal area. The oils eased the severity of the pain. It wasn't long that everything started to slow down and I started to get some relief.

My husband got home for lunch and I was still having a bit of pain in my lower back. He lathered me up with some Deep Blue Rub. It took a few minutes, but I was finally feeling better.

I will now always have these oils on hand. Anything to help me feel better is worth it! I will be trying out some new oils next month as well. Clary Calm and Ylang Ylang are in my cart right now!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tears of Joy

I'm so thankful that I was able to help someone out. I only share products that I have personally used and have had a positive experience with. This is a post from one of my friends, she posted this on Facebook and I was crying tears of joy for her! She is an amazing lady and her story is pretty amazing too!

For the past several YEARS I have been in various levels of pain on a daily basis, caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrom. I have tried tons of pain pills, muscle relaxers, and over the counter products, none of which have been successful and most of which I can't take during the day because I am a mom and it knocks me out. While nothing will ever give me back my mobility and muscle control and this part will continue to get worse unless a cure is found, I am so proud and thankful I have found something that helps tremendously with the constant pain. All week I have been in so much pain in my legs/hips/back I have barely been able to move. Thanks to a wonderful friend I heard about and acquired DoTerra Deep Blue essential oil. I have applied it 3 times today and have been on the go all day. Right now my pain is about a 2 on a 1 to 10 scale. Normally after a day like today I would be in tears popping a pain pill and going to bed early instead of eating super and watching TV with my family. I am so grateful for you Ashly, I can't thank you enough, you have truly improved my life so much. Thank you for sharing your story and this amazing product with me. This is allowing me to be a better wife and mother cause I am not in constant unbearable pain.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Holy Mother of..

I went to work on Monday and it was pretty toasty in the building. One of our A/C fans quit working. They got it back up and running midday. So I go to work on Tuesday like normal. We were having our daily meeting at 9:15am and the fire alarms start going off. The building is evacuated. The fire trucks show up, then they leave.

We all head back to the building. Looking like a heard of cattle as 200+ of us walk through empty lots. We get back to our desks and we get an email from our HR department. The fan that was giving us fits the day before caught on fire. Luckily it was put out rather quickly. The fire department didn't even get the chance to save the day.

We have been working all week without A/C, but they have been allowing us to wear shorts and casual Friday attire. I haven't been able to wear shorts to work in years. Guess who doesn't own any shorts. Well today I decided to wear jeans and sneakers.

I get home and put on my comfy clothes for the night. My legs are itching like crazy. Uncontrollably.

Holy Mother of Heat Rash!!!!

I get out my handy dandy jar of virgin coconut oil and lavender mixture. I lather my legs up and within a minute the itching stopped. I'm really loving my oils and I'm not sure I'll be buying any over the counter medications again.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Tune

Some days it's really hard for me to focus at work. I find myself watching the clock and waiting for the numbers to read 5:00.

Today, I used my new oil, InTune. I'm not going to lie... I hate the smell. It reminds me of my grandma and my repressed memory of her smelling like "bug spray" when I was younger. I have now discovered the smell is not bug spray, it's patchouli. YUCK. I will be wearing this on my feet for sure!

Even though I don't like the smell, I have to report that it actually worked. Today seemed to fly by and I didn't keep looking at the clock. I got caught up on all of my emails, called a few providers to set up utility services, and I even helped my boss with his urgent emails. Of course, I will have to use it more than once to make sure it was the oils and not just me being extra motivated (not normally the case).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I will be trying some new oils this coming month. Not only will I be trying new oils, I have branched out and I'm trying some supplements.

I have PCOS and I'm really getting sick of it. I'm finally serious about getting it under control. I will be trying the Women's Phytoestrogen Complex along with some oils that are good for PCOS.

The only thing I've been able to try in the past is birth control. Those darn things mess me up so bad, it's not funny. So I'm going to try the natural route with doTERRA. I'm also going to try to cut bread and pasta out of my diet. That is going to be rough.

Lord help my poor husband.

I'll let ya'll know how it works for me. Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mosquito? What Mosquito?

The more I use them, the more I love them. doTERRA essential oils are my crack!

I've had such a positive experience with the oils I've used, I just want to try more. Last month the TerraShield (TS) was on sale, so I purchased some of it. My husband and I went camping for 2 days and I mixed the TS with some fractionated Coconut Oil in a roller bottle. I applied it every few hours both days. I had one mosquito bite on the second day. That dadgum mosquito bit me on the back of my hand. Guess where I forgot to apply the oil? Yes, you guessed it. I put that oil everywhere except for on the back of my hands.

This has to be the first time that I have come home from camping and wasn't covered in mosquito bites. I have found my second love. Shhhh. Don't tell my husband!

Stay tuned for more experiences! :)