Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh, So Skeptical!

It was horrible. I was having daily migraines. It impaired my ability to work, live, and be happy. I also suffered from insomnia. The two together were a bit unpleasant.

I was on ambien for insomnia and I have tried every migraine medicine under the sun without any true relief. They would take the edge off, but it would not get rid of my migraine. The doctors were at a loss and since I lived in Utah, it was out of the question to try medicinal marijuana. 

I was talking with a friend one night and she mentioned using essential oils. I kind of laughed it off. Yeah. Right. Oils aren't going to work, especially if the medical industry couldn't help me. Right? 

She introduced me to PastTense by doTERRA. She told me to apply it to my forehead, temples, and the base of my neck when I had a migraine. I woke up in tears one morning because the migraine was so horrible. My husband wanted to take me to the emergency room. I asked him to get the oil out of my purse. He brought it back upstairs and I applied it as directed. Within a matter of minutes my migraine was gone. It didn't just take the edge off like the meds, it was completely gone. 

I was shocked. I was in disbelief. I was in denial. 

I knew it just had to be a fluke thing. So I read up about essential oils and I discovered that lavender was a good relaxing oil that helped you fall asleep. Or at least relaxed you enough that you could go to sleep easier. So I made my first ever doTERRA purchase. I purchased PastTense (I wanted to really put it to the test) and I got some lavender. 

My order came in and I was still a bit skeptical. That night I opened the lavender, dripped some into the palm of my hand, and applied it to my chest. I went to bed. I was wide awake. I was not relaxed. I told my friend that the oils just really don't work. She asked how I applied the lavender, so I told her. She asked me to try it again and this time apply the oil to the bottoms of my feet. I think I laughed in her face. Yeah, right. That's not going to work. However, It was worth a shot so I did try it again. That night when I went to bed I whipped out the lavender and applied to the bottoms of my feet. Low and behold it put me to sleep in about 10-15 minutes (I'm not sure it even took that long) 

The next day at work I felt a migraine setting in. I got my handy dandy PastTense and applied it. Again, it took the pain away. 

Now I've used the PastTense and the Lavender, they both worked. That was reason enough for me to keep them on hand!

doTERRA to me is Simply and Essentially Magical!