Sunday, March 29, 2015

What I saw in DoTERRA

I have been purchasing DoTERRA products now for 9 months. I am 100% a believer in DoTERRA and everything they stand for.

I was not fond of the idea that DoTERRA went to other countries to grow plants for oils. Why not create more jobs in the USA? Then I went to convention last year and:

I saw how they do co-impact sourcing.

I saw how dedicated DoTERRA was in changing lives.

I saw the lives they changed.

I saw that DoTERRA wanted the best growing conditions for the plants that our oils would be extracted from.

I saw that they cared about others and the products that they were creating.

I saw some of the growers and harvesters come in person. They were emotional and full of gratitude.

I saw hope in the eyes of the children that just received a new school building from DoTERRA and the Healing Hands Foundation.

I saw smiles and tears of joy from communities that just received running water to their village in Haiti. They no longer had to walk an hour and a half one way in the 100+ degree heat just to get clean drinking water.

I see the difference they are making and I'm glad to be part of it. I love DoTERRA and everything they do!

I see the difference in my life alone with the oils I use daily.

I see how the oils are helping those around me.

Thank you DoTERRA! Thank you for the gift of the earth!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Verage Skin Care

For those that saw my post about the Clear Skin, I found out some really helpful information! Clear Skin or HD Clear is primarily for those with real oily skin. I broke out from using it because my face was excessively dry. If you have oily skin, this stuff is for you! :)

Since then, I finally had the chance to try the Verage line. I went to a Verage facial class that was presented by my upline. This stuff was amazing. The smell was awesome (I wasn't a fan of the clear skin scent). It made my face feel clean and refreshed. I decided to use some points to get some for myself. I also got the Reveal Facial System!

My order got here during my lunch break one day and what did I do? I used it, I used everything I ordered. I washed my makeup off and used my new stuff. Then I reapplied my makeup. Let me just say this:

1. My face was as smooth as a baby butt!
2. The scent is nice and light!
3. It's easy to use!
3. My face was as smooth as a baby butt!
4. I have not had any of the big huge zits! I've had very few blackheads too!
5. My makeup (Bare Minerals) went on so smoothly, I didn't even use primer!

I use the Reveal System twice (sometimes 3 because I love how it makes my face feel) a week. I use Verage twice a day (in the morning after my shower and at night when I wash my makeup off). I absolutely love it. In fact, I immediately purchased another set of each because I don't ever want to run out!

Hiatus is Over

Hi Everyone,

I am back to blogging. I was away for a while because I moved to a new house, got promoted at work, and school has been hectic. Needless to say, I've been bathing in oils... I'll be posting a new blog shortly!