Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have no idea what my deal was the other day. My husband and I were home just enjoying a lazy day. I went to the restroom and the toilet decided to over flow. I was upstairs and didn't have a plunger. I had to run downstairs to get it. I knew the bathroom would be flooded by the time I got back and it was. I had a complete emotional breakdown. I just sat on the edge of the tub and cried while the toilet kept overflowing. It finally stopped, then I was pissed and cried some more. My husband comes upstairs to see what was wrong. I didn't know and I know I shouldn't be crying over something so stupid. His exact words were: I think you need some Citrus Bliss. He went and got it for me and I applied it to my wrists and just behind my ears.

Within a matter of minutes, I was back to normal and my spirits were lifted. I now use this at work when I'm feeling overwhelmed. It is truly blissful!

I will keep this on hand for sure. I'm excited to get my new order and try some new oils!

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