Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slim and Sassy Soft Gels

I'm overweight and have been most of my life. I was just recently given the opportunity to try slim and sassy soft gels. I had them in my order for this upcoming order, but a friend gave me a bottle. She didn't like the way it made her stomach feel. Boy do I know what she means...

The bottle says to take 3-5 as needed throughout the day. I took 2 just before I made some oatmeal (blueberry package of Quaker). I went back to my desk and began my daily routine of emailing, listening to voicemails, and eating breakfast. I was listening to a rather lengthy voicemail and tossed my bowl away. It had about half of my oatmeal left. I normally eat it all. I wasn't hungry anymore.

About 10 minutes later I started getting this warming sensation in my stomach and in my throat. It wasn't unpleasant, it was just weird. These made me so gassy and I burped lemon and grapefruit for hours. I happen to like those flavors and it's better than the nasty taste you have sometimes when you burp. However, If you don't like the taste of citrus, I don't suggest ingesting the softgels. You might want to just apply the Slim and Sassy oil topically.

Overall thoughts: To me this has helped my appetite. I'm only on day 2 of using it. We will see how it goes. I do believe I am going to only take 1 with each meal instead of 2 just because they seem to make me gassy. I have discovered that if you drink at least a full glass of water the warming sensation isn't as predominate.

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