Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not So Pleasant

As I have stated before, I'm brutally honest. If you don't like reading about female issues.... Read NO FURTHER! :)

I have been diagnosed with PCOS for several years now. I know there are millions of women around the world that suffer from it as well. The severity is different for everyone. My doctor explained that during menstruation the pain I experience is labor like. If this is true, then I will be a pro when the good Lord blesses me with a child.

Today, while at work, it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. I was doubled over in pain and it was making me nauseated. This isn't new, but this is the first time it hit while at work.

This is the part you might not want to read, I'm warning you now... I'm being serious....

I don't know if you have ever had a clot the size of a softball moving through your system or not. Let me be first to tell you, you feel it's every move. You know exactly where it's at within your female organs. This isn't new for me either. When I feel it moving, I've got to bolt for the bathroom. For obvious reasons I'd rather not just be sitting at my desk when I give birth to this thing.

Today was horrible because I had so many. On top of that the ovarian cysts were popping as well. The pain is excruciating. I had to leave work early. My husband wanted to take me to the hospital. He said I looked like death. I've just never had everything happen all at once like this before. I was pale white and hemorrhaging. Honestly, if it lasted much longer I would have gone to the hospital. Instead I just went home to lay down.

Once I got home I put basil and clary sage on my lower abdominal area. The oils eased the severity of the pain. It wasn't long that everything started to slow down and I started to get some relief.

My husband got home for lunch and I was still having a bit of pain in my lower back. He lathered me up with some Deep Blue Rub. It took a few minutes, but I was finally feeling better.

I will now always have these oils on hand. Anything to help me feel better is worth it! I will be trying out some new oils next month as well. Clary Calm and Ylang Ylang are in my cart right now!

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