Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello Friends,

I recently posted a blog titled "Clear Skin???" and some of you would like to know the tips I was given. Here they are:

1. Use the oil once a day, at night, after your face is clean and free of makeup.

2. Only use the oil every other day or twice a week, but still use the face wash.
3. Use the face wash and only apply the oils to a problem area as needed.

I tried the first option, it was a no go for me. The second option was marginally better, but it still caused break outs. The third option was the best of them all and it gave me the most success. I have adapted it.

This is one of those products that you must adapt to your skin type (I guess). What I have been doing with great results:

1. I wash my face with the Clear Skin/HD Clear foaming face wash in the morning.

2. I apply the HD Face Cream after the shower and just before I blow dry my hair.
3. I will dry my hair (allowing the lotion to soak in), then I apply my makeup on top of that (I use Bare Minerals).
4. At night I wash my face with Simple Face Wash or Scrub (I don't like the smell of the scrub, but it works great).
5. I apply the Clear Skin/HD Clear oil to problem areas.

I have really dry skin and I believe the oils were just drying my face out that much more. I no longer use the oil daily. I only use the face wash and lotion once a day (opposed to twice a day that I was doing before). This has really helped my skin.

Sometimes all it takes is an adjustment to your routine to make things work! I'm glad I posted and had so many great suggestions! Thanks Everyone!