Thursday, August 14, 2014

Holy Mother of..

I went to work on Monday and it was pretty toasty in the building. One of our A/C fans quit working. They got it back up and running midday. So I go to work on Tuesday like normal. We were having our daily meeting at 9:15am and the fire alarms start going off. The building is evacuated. The fire trucks show up, then they leave.

We all head back to the building. Looking like a heard of cattle as 200+ of us walk through empty lots. We get back to our desks and we get an email from our HR department. The fan that was giving us fits the day before caught on fire. Luckily it was put out rather quickly. The fire department didn't even get the chance to save the day.

We have been working all week without A/C, but they have been allowing us to wear shorts and casual Friday attire. I haven't been able to wear shorts to work in years. Guess who doesn't own any shorts. Well today I decided to wear jeans and sneakers.

I get home and put on my comfy clothes for the night. My legs are itching like crazy. Uncontrollably.

Holy Mother of Heat Rash!!!!

I get out my handy dandy jar of virgin coconut oil and lavender mixture. I lather my legs up and within a minute the itching stopped. I'm really loving my oils and I'm not sure I'll be buying any over the counter medications again.

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