Thursday, March 19, 2015

Verage Skin Care

For those that saw my post about the Clear Skin, I found out some really helpful information! Clear Skin or HD Clear is primarily for those with real oily skin. I broke out from using it because my face was excessively dry. If you have oily skin, this stuff is for you! :)

Since then, I finally had the chance to try the Verage line. I went to a Verage facial class that was presented by my upline. This stuff was amazing. The smell was awesome (I wasn't a fan of the clear skin scent). It made my face feel clean and refreshed. I decided to use some points to get some for myself. I also got the Reveal Facial System!

My order got here during my lunch break one day and what did I do? I used it, I used everything I ordered. I washed my makeup off and used my new stuff. Then I reapplied my makeup. Let me just say this:

1. My face was as smooth as a baby butt!
2. The scent is nice and light!
3. It's easy to use!
3. My face was as smooth as a baby butt!
4. I have not had any of the big huge zits! I've had very few blackheads too!
5. My makeup (Bare Minerals) went on so smoothly, I didn't even use primer!

I use the Reveal System twice (sometimes 3 because I love how it makes my face feel) a week. I use Verage twice a day (in the morning after my shower and at night when I wash my makeup off). I absolutely love it. In fact, I immediately purchased another set of each because I don't ever want to run out!

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