Saturday, July 4, 2015

Zyto Scan

Just a quick reminder that the following is my testimony. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one.

First off... I'm a total skeptic with everything. I got invited to do a Zyto Scan earlier this week. If any of you have read my previous blog posts, you know I have PCOS. This causes my menstrual cycle to be crazy and all over the place.

I have been spotting for months now, which is not unusual for me. It sucks, but I just deal with it! Anyway, I ended up doing the scan and it said the oils I needed were Clary Sage, Cypress, and Arborvitae. I got home and made a roller bottle of oil. I apply it daily in the morning to the bottoms of my feet and nightly to my feet, wrists, and abdominal area.

To my amazement... I stopped spotting. Me being the skeptical person that I am... Stopped using the oils for a day and the spotting resumed. Needless to say, I started the oils again and it went away! I will never be without these oils again!

If you have never had a Zyto Scan done before, I strongly suggest it! It was spot on for me!

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