Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am truly thankful for doTERRA!

With PCOS your menstrual cycle is never consistent.  I started taking the Phytoestrogen about a month or so ago (could have been longer). I'm not consistent in taking it. I'm horrible at taking a pill everyday... I forget. When I do remember though, I only take 1 per day.

The past several months my cycle has been light and spotty. Which isn't unusual for me. Then about every 3-4 months I will have the worst one ever. Doubled over in pain, heavy, and I'm always an emotional wreck. I usually miss at least a day of work because I can't move. I just stay curled up in a ball.

This month was one of the bad ones. I have been taking the Phytoestrogen. It was still very heavy, but it was not painful. I felt the pressure and that's it. I didn't miss any work. I didn't spend a day in tears or crying over stupid stuff. Did I mention that I didn't miss any work? :)

I am very thankful for this product and I will continue to purchase it. Thank you doTERRA!

Now that I have probably grossed ya'll out... I'm going to finish cooking my chicken and noodles. I just took the apple pie out of the oven and it smells delish! Then my hubby and I are headed over to a friends house (they also couldn't go home for Thanksgiving either). We shall stuff ourselves while visiting, playing games, and making memories. 

I hope you find yourselves surrounded by family and friends. 

Much Love!


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